Snaptik App Apk (v1.0.29, for Android)
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Snaptik App Apk (MOD, for Android)

Snaptik App Apk

Snaptik App Apk earned the hearts of millions of users when it was launched in 2016 and was later ranked as the top free iPhone app out of all apps available. When one opens up TikTok – they are able to watch fun videos. On this platform, you not only get entertained but also can create a video by yourself. Interestingly, Snaptik App also has some kind of connection with TikTok, so let us find out the relationship!

There are few apps that instigate a deeper connection to the human spirit than TikTok . An app where strangers can connect, create video montages and share their innermost thoughts is an app that truly inspires the deepest, most private emotions and this App does a great job of showcasing exactly how intimate social media can be for so many people all over the world. But why even bother talking about TikTok here? We have to talk about it anyway because Snaptik App Apk is deeply connected with TikTok — sort of like a brother/sister relationship.

Additional Information

App NameSnaptik App Apk
GenreVideo Players
Size80 MB
Latest Versionv1.0.29
MOD Infofor Android
Get it OnGoogle Play
UpdateFebruary 05, 2022

Snaptik App is perhaps the most convenient app that lets you download whatever video you’d like. It’s essentially a drop box for videos and best of all, it doesn’t just store any kind of video indiscriminately, but only the kinds which are available on TikTok for sharing! Now, you can do more with your videos than before because now at the touch of a button, you can save them. The world has never been so advanced before!

Snaptik App is an application which allows users to download content from a number of different social media platforms. It is convenient for you because it can download videos, games, and even apps from many different websites. If you are searching for the most convenient way of downloading certain things from the internet, such as videos, Snaptik App may be the exact tool that you need!

The Snaptik application is available for download on the Google Play Store. This snaptik app allows users to download all of their favorite videos, without having to lose high quality audio or video quality. Did you know that you can also watch downloaded TikTok videos using this appliction? Not only will the previously downloaded TikTok videos be free from watermarks but all of your other downloaded media shares a similar trait!

There are numerous features that this application offers including the ability to watch videos anytime you want, being capable of downloading items in the background, and pasting a URL into the application in order to download any given item! This app known as the Snaptik App is definitely a complete package for you that you should never avoid using.

First of all, this app is known as the Snaptik App. It has a great range of features such as watching videos inside this app, downloading running in the background and others. There is also a feature that lets you copy and paste the URL into this app to download videos as well! This app overall is really complete for you to enjoy videos ever.

Snaptik App
Snaptik App

What is Snaptik App?

The Snaptik application is a program that enables its users to link with the TikTok social media platform, enabling them to load videos onto the app while saving their images. This is possible with the help of links through downloading or sharing them on other networking sites. Its prime function is serving as an alternative to other websites that might charge users monetary benefits for downloading their video files into their systems. It saves your precious time and consideration in terms of space as it requires less data storage space and helps bind you to better decisions when it comes down to moving up the social ladder.

The Snaptik app is an application specially-created for TikTok lovers. It allows its users to download the videos from this video sharing platform on your smartphone completely free of watermarks that you see all too often on the App. It’s a very simple and fast app which doesn’t need a lot of space to be accumulated on your device and since it’s compatible with practically all versions of Android, all you have to do is head over to the Play Store, tap download, and you are ready to enjoy downloading videos – anytime, anywhere.

Snaptik is a versatile application available for downloading videos from different social media platforms like TikTok. The application functions particularly well on Android devices and enables the users to download videos of their choice regardless of having an active internet connection. The application is user-friendly and doesn’t require a great deal of storage space to downloaded on phones thus making it a must-have app in all smart device collections!

It supports all kinds of HD videos and allows watching the videos inside the app without interrupting the downloading process. You can download your videos in HD format and enjoy the content without any worries at all. This app is one of the more user-friendly applications out there, and it absolutely is the very best entertainment application.

The app supports all formats of HD videos, and allows you to watch the video without interrupting the downloading process. You can watch downloaded HD videos without worrying about a thing. The app is exquisitely simple; it is the best entertainment application.

It supports all kinds of HD videos and allows watching the videos inside the app without interrupting the downloading process. It lets you download your videos in HD format and enjoy a streamlined, effortless viewing experience. The app is simple to use and it is indeed the best entertainment app.

What is Snaptik Mod APK?

The Snaptik Mod APK is a bit of a different story from the original. While it doesn’t stray too much from what the original and core product offers, it does include a few under-the-hood tweaks. An added benefit is that, unlike the original app, this mod version doesn’t contain any advertisements. If you’re watching a video or downloading something, for example, you won’t be bothered by ads popping up on your screen. The added benefit is that every time you get to hijack your experience with your favorite videos right away!

The Snaptik Mod APK is quite different from other versions of the app. This new version, in particular, doesn’t contain any ads at all. That’s why when you are watching videos and downloading them, there won’t be any ads running in the background to bother you while you work. What’s more? By using this modded app, you get to enjoy the latest and most ad-free version of the app. You can carry out all your tasks quickly and easily with this latest version of the Snaptik Mod APK app!

The Snaptik Mod APK is a bit different from the original version. Even though there are slight changes in this modded version, you will be able to quickly recognize the improvements and new features it offers when comparing it to the original app. That’s because there aren’t any ads in this new build and also because you’ll be able to use your time more productively by focusing on important tasks.

Snaptik Mod APK
Snaptik Mod APK

Download videos

SnapTik APK APP is an application that facilitates the download of videos that can be viewed on the internet. This app is user-friendly, which means that it’s favorable for anyone who wants to enjoy and download clips via SnapTik. The app has been recently upgraded with a few new features, making it more efficient than ever before!

With Snaptik, you can browse on the internet while also downloading videos at the same time without interruption. This is the first and most important feature of this app that makes it so popular where downloading even HD quality videos is very easy to do. It feels like you’re navigating YouTube itself – combined with Xvid visitors a strong download platform all in one package!

Get social media videos

The best part of this app is that it allows its users to download videos from any kind of social media platform. You specifically have to select what video you want to download, and it will be automatically downloaded within your devices internal storage without a specific issue.

There are so many video sharing services out there and it’s great to see that there is such competition and innovation in the app industry. However, sometimes we’re left wondering if all of these new features are actually necessary or whether they just add clutter. Snaptik App, for example, allows users to download videos from multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter et cetera. All you have to do is enter the name of the video you want on your devices storage volume and you’ll automatically get the file transferred. Now this might be an appealing feature for some users who can’t seem to find a way to share their favorite content with family and friends who may not use any of these platforms but this seems like a solution looking for a problem because it doesn’t take away from anyone else – only people using the service would really feel its benefits.

HD videos downloader

The videos you’ll download through this app are saved in HD format because we adhere to the ideas of quality over quantity. We understand that our users want high-quality videos, and that’s exactly what we give them!

Videos downloaded through our app are saved in HD format so you can enjoy their quality in high definition. If the video is low quality, it’s more likely to lose its charm and become less attractive to users.

Fast downloading speed

This application takes the speed of downloading videos to a whole new level. It provides the fastest downloading you have ever seen in any app of its kind. In other apps, they often take a lot of time to process and download. So this app is highly efficient and has better downloading speed than other apps.

This app is the fastest video downloading speed you have ever seen. Additionally, users will be able to download the videos at such a pace that is beyond any other app’s capabilities. It’s common knowledge that other apps don’t offer the same level of fast-speed processing even though they claim to do so, but with this one, you truly get what it advertises – which is a pleasant change for those tired of being misled by promises that can never be fulfilled.

Videos never fail to entertain you. It is the aspect that makes a video to be so special. Though you will certainly get many benefits from the app but one of its main features remains the entertaining part. You will not have any trouble downloading your favorite videos with it. The unlimited facilities are provided by this app which depend on the speed of internet connection too.

Easy to use

This app is easier to use than others. You simply have to enter the URL where you found the video and it automatically lists all the versions of that video, depending on whatever you want (HD, SD). There are multiple methods like emailing or messaging apps that can be used to send videos easily even if they’re private links.

This app is easy to use as opposed to other video downloading apps. The search bar in this app is particularly easy to use so you can get it done quickly and efficiently; all you need is the link of the video you want, then paste that URL into the search bar. And next, simply click the “download” button, and you should be able to get your video! You’re now an expert on how this app can type the videos easily!

Built-in video player

One of the most common questions people have after downloading this application on their phone is whether they can watch the downloaded videos inside it. The answer to that question is yes since this application contains a built-in video player which will allow you to directly play downloaded content without having to exit the app or move to another program. This makes the lives of our users much easier since they no longer have to miss anything if they don’t have time at that moment.

Are you the kinda person who hates complicated things? Well, we have made this app very simple to use. In fact, it’s got a built-in video player so that you can watch the videos directly from this app rather than having to move onto another one.


This application is also lightweight, which you’ll be glad to hear is one of the most agreeable features for most conscientious mobile phone users. For those who aren’t aware this term refers to how much space an app takes up on a device and fewer apps tend to mean faster performance of the systems hardware even at key times such as opening the application’s main screen.

This application is also lightweight which makes it incredibly easy to download and install on your phone. While many people want a larger app that may offer them more features, most of the time they don’t need all of these features in order to get their job done! This app is so small in size, for instance, that users don’t have to worry about slowing down their devices or anything like that when downloading it.

Share videos to social media

You can also share the videos you download with other users of your circle, whether they are subscribers to your video channel, or just people from all over the world who are already interested in what you have to say. You can share these videos or movies on any social media platform – or even with your contacts by clicking the Share option for that particular video. Video Downloader Pro makes it incredibly easy to never ever miss out on new content again because now you can store all of it in one convenient place!

If you like the videos you’re watching or want to share them with friends, you can send your downloaded content to anyone on any social media platform or via email by clicking the “Share” option. This will allow open access to all of your contacts. If you want to put videos on your site or elsewhere, you may do so directly through this “share” option.

Snaptik Mod downloaded
Snaptik Mod downloaded

No watermark

In this demonstration tutorial, we are going to be looking at an app that will help you get rid of the TikTok watermark on your videos so that you can share them with other users without it appearing in their feeds.

Auto-download feature

This outstanding video downloading application also features an amazing option that you may not have considered. There is an auto-download feature which helps you to download videos by putting them on automatic download mode. With the help of this option, online videos can be downloaded automatically along with saving them onto your devices without doing any further effort! This unique feature allows for efficient downloading and effectively eliminates tedious work thanks to how it streamlines the system!

This remarkable video downloading app has an amazing feature that you’ll love! It has a “download all” button that can save you so much time. All you have to do is select the videos and hit this button, and the videos will be automatically downloaded into your device. You can download so many awesome videos from the Internet in just a couple of hours using this one magical button of awesomeness!

Constant downloading in background

If you’re a social media addict and have always wished that your videos could load faster, even when you’re using other apps, then you’ll love what Social Video Downloader can do. Videos never stop buffering as long as your phone is connected to the Internet in any way! You can use myriad video downloading apps, but are they any good?

If you love to watch videos while you surf online and play games, then this app is made for you! You can easily download videos with no limitations about how long or when you do it. Play games and check social media accounts without any hindrance because as soon as there is a new video waiting in line, the app takes care of the download process automatically.


This app is completely safe to download. The developers guarantee that you won’t have to worry about the viruses, worms or other security threats to attack your device while staying protected while downloading videos from varying sources. No video will be harmful to hack your personal devices and steal your data.

This app will only help you to download the videos you want from any platform safely, worry free of security threats that may come to harm your personal device. There’s nothing to be worried about and the video downloading process is pretty simple; just choose your video, click on it and then save.


This app is absolutely free to download. There are no additional charges of any kind. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to watch videos without having to pay for them because he or she would rather spend that money on something else… like a drink at a bar or dinner with friends!


It’s a common problem for Android users to transfer video from PC to Android phone missing the same. For this purpose, you are required to have an ultimate app on your device which serves all the purposes at once and acts as a one-stop destination for proper execution of your plans as it enables you to download videos, music, photos in just mere few clicks. Snaptik App is that ultimate application which makes online downloading such a smooth job and frees you completely of stress. Since its inception, it has grown at prodigious rate by providing satisfactory services to more than thousands of android users and has gained enormous popularity.

Snaptik App is an application that can be used in any sort of Android device to download videos. The video downloading feature of this software is so efficient that other such applications are being compared to it. And the special features make it the best choice for offline video viewing because this app has a variety of options for users to download different types of content and organize them in order to make access easier. Once you have enjoyed using this software, don’t forget to leave your feedback about its features here or by contacting us directly via our contact page

This is going to be the easiest post you have ever written. No doubt you’ll be able to hit “Publish” with a smile on your face. Congratulations! We hope Snaptik makes at least some parts of your life easier or helps you save some money over the long run.

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