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GBWhatsApp DELTA APK v3.8.1 Latest 2021

GBWhatsApp DELTA APK v3.8.1 (Official Latest 2021)

GBWhatsApp DELTA  APK v3.8.1,WhatsApp has become a popular messaging app with around 1.5 million active users every month. The problem with this app is that it lacks a lot of customization features. As a result, the lack of features is causing frustration for some users. The lack of features is the reason why users and developers have come up with their own version of WhatsApp mods. Today, we will introduce you to a mode called GBWhatsApp DELTA. It is an updated version of another mode called GB iOS X APK .

In this article, we will take you through the features that you can explore in GBWhatsApp DELTA. Before going into more details, you can see our other WhatsApp mods at ILOVESHAYRI.COM.

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What is GBWhatsApp Delta APK?

GBWhatsApp Delta is a WhatsApp mode developed by DELTALABS Studio. This is a unique mode that allows you to customize the interface of WhatsApp and make the application experience more interesting.

Also called Delta GBWhatsApp, it is a modified version of GBWhatsApp that comes in WAMOD style. If you are a big fan of WAMOD, then this mode is your best choice among the WhatsApp modes available out there. Unfortunately, Briannvalente, the developer of WAMOD, was not able to update this mode as he is focusing on other projects.

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GBWhatsApp DELTA is full of new and exciting features. We have listed these features below so you can try them out for yourself after installation:


Tired of the default WhatsApp theme? One of the main reasons why mods like GBWhatsApp are so popular among WhatsApp users is the customization features.

launcher icons. You can change the app launcher icon to suit your personality and preferences. Choose from more than 35 icons available in this mode.
Amazing and amazing themes. Get rid of that boring old theme! This mode provides more than one feature for you to choose from. You can choose from transparent, dim, or light themes.
lines. Tired of those formal fonts? Replace this boring font with the other interfaces available in the mode.
attachments. If you prefer to use stickers when chatting with your contacts, you will definitely love GBWhatsApp DELTA. You can use any sticker app with this mode.


Due to threats like malware and hackers, some users find additional security features when searching for an app. If you are one of those users, this mode is definitely for you:

Hide connection status. Don’t want anyone to know you’re online? This mode allows you to hide your online status, especially if you don’t want to be bombarded with messages.
Hide the blue tick. A blue tick in WhatsApp often indicates that you have read your contact’s message. Sometimes, we open a message by mistake and leave it unattended, which causes miscommunication issues. GBWhatsApp DELTA allows you to hide your blue tick so that you don’t have to reply right away.
Hide write notification. Have you ever tried to think more about the answer? We’re sure you’re embarrassed by the writing instructions when you go back and forth with this answer. This mode allows you to hide the writing instructions so that you have time around the world to type this complete answer.
Hide recording notification. Hide registration instructions to make the registration process less difficult.
banning calls. This mode is one of the premium privacy features. This feature enables you to block incoming calls from selected contacts. Alternatively, you can also remove the incoming call notification from the blocked contact.
Do not disturb the situation. Are you trying to stop yourself from getting distracted? Turn on Do Not Disturb mode by finding it in the security settings with a few clicks.
Integrated lock. Do you want to protect your messages from prying eyes? This feature allows you to lock the app and unlock with a specific password.

Other Features

Apart from the customization and privacy features, GBWhatsApp DELTA offers many other features that you can enjoy:

Send large audio files. Unlike the official version, you can now send audio files of up to 100MB each.
Send large video files. The official version of WhatsApp will only allow you to send up to 16MB. With this mode, you can send large video files of up to 50MB each.
Send high resolution photos. Even when the official WhatsApp does a better job of sending images in excellent resolution compared to other messaging apps, the images are compressed. With this mode, you can send photos without compression, giving you full resolution.
Multi-language support. GBWhatsApp DELTA supports multiple languages, including Italian, Hindi, English, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese and many more.
Extended mode time. You can set the status for six minutes.
There are no redirect tags. In official WhatsApp, forwarded messages are flagged and your contacts see this flag. With this mode, you will now see forwarded messages coming from you.
Message scheduling. Need to send a message next time? With GBWhatsApp DELTA, you can now schedule to send your message later. This feature is especially useful if you are unable to connect to the Internet later.
Auto answer. This feature is only available in the business version of WhatsApp. By installing the mode, you also get this feature.
Delete anti-message. Did you miss the deleted messages? Now, you can recover deleted messages from your contacts in your chat thread using the Anti-Delete feature.
group calls. Easily make conference calls with your loved ones using GBWhatsApp Delta APK.

GBWhatsApp Delta APK Information:

App Name GBWhatsApp Delta
Version v3.8.1
Size 52.5 MB
Requirement Android 2.2 Above
Last Update 07 Nov 2021

We are sure that at this time, we have already assured you to download GBWhatsApp Delta for your mobile device. Since this is the official app mode, you cannot get it from app distribution services like Google Play. Modifications like these are only available for download from the site. Such mods are completely safe to use. However, the official WhatsApp developers consider using any mode illegal.

Before downloading the APK file, please make sure that your device is running at least Android 4.0.3 or later operating system. Once the APK file is downloaded, you can proceed with the manual installation.

Installation Guide

Before installing the APK on your mobile device, you should make sure that you have already backed up your messages and files. The reason behind this is that you need to uninstall the official version of WhatsApp before you can install this mode. Not backed up your messages and files will permanently delete them.

We have written the following steps on how to download and install mods on your device:

Backup your messages and media files before uninstalling the official version of WhatsApp. Follow these steps to back up your files:
Open WhatsApp and tap on the menu
Click Settings
Click on chats
Click Backup Chat
Click the Backup button, this will be saved to Cloud Storage
Enable Unknown Sources when prompted before installing the app. Here are instructions for enabling this option on your mobile device:
Go to settings
Click on Security
Enable “Unknown Sources”
Visit your downloads or file manager where the APK file is most likely to be
Click on the APK file
Click the “Install” button. Installation may take a few seconds
Click the “Open” button to start the operation or click the “Done” button to finish the installation
Open the newly installed app
After launch, click on Agree and Continue
Enter your phone number and click on “Copy WhatsApp data”
If you followed all the instructions above, you have successfully backed up your account. Click the “Restore” button.

Is GBWhatsApp Harmful?

Some users believe that DELTA mode can bring harmful elements such as viruses and malware. But this is not the case. GBWhatsApp DELTA is completely safe because it is for purely aesthetic purposes. Before downloading, you must make sure that you have downloaded it from a safe source such as WhatsMod.

Minimum Line

We use messaging apps like WhatsApp to keep in touch with friends, family and co-workers. As it has become very popular with billions of people around the world, users are looking for more features for personalization and other purposes. That’s why mods like GBWhatsApp DELTA have been developed to meet this need.

What do you think of GBWhatsApp DELTA? Did you face any problems while downloading and installing? Tell us about it in the comments section below.


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