Happy Valentine Day +500 Poems

Valentine Day Poems

Valentine Day Poems Love Poetry and Rhymes for I Love Shayri, That’s what we say in The World of Trending Celebrity Poets, we are poets, and also that’s what we like to say. When was the last time you took time out to think about who was going to write your love poem? How often have you turned on the radio and listened to a few of the top rappers talk about their love life? Well now YOU can!

Valentine Day Poems
Valentine Day Poems


We offer a large variety of pastries for your pleasure, in our very own Rhymes For Love Series. This is a series of poetic verse by top artists in the hip hop community that talks about love, relationships, soul, spirituality, all things poetries. We have spoken with many and learned many things about this creative art form. What is it about poetry that inspires so much emotion? What is it about this verse that gets you so inspired?


The words inside these rhymes have a powerful impact on the mind and soul. The pastries are written in verse form, and they are often funny, obscene and disgusting, all things that the listener will identify with and relate to. Many of the poems have real meaning and can help anyone struggling with an unhappy love life, find hope and inspiration in these poems.


One poem starts off with the lines, “We’re only humans, at least most of us, but we act like gods because we’re so fascinated by beauty. We need to see ourselves as that. I am a beautiful being/part that must be preserved, because it is too short.” The second verse goes on to talk about how a poem becomes poetry when the emotions that are created within the poem are felt and understood. The poetries for love talks about how when one feels the love for another it makes them lose all inhibitions and become free.


The third verse continues this thought with a beautiful and haunting lyric that speaks of the eternal nature of love. It states, “I feel the love for you; my soul has been crushed, it’s torn apart/but there is still that which I have always loved.” The poetries for love then speaks about how love destroys itself if it is not given what it wants. This verse then talks about the importance of giving and being loved. Finally, the poetries for love concludes with, “And there is nothing more beautiful than that.”


These poetries for love that I have quoted come from the works of many great poets, including Maya Angelou, Waltz, Emily Dickinson, and many others. All of these authors wrote poems that are inspiring to me and help to strengthen my own soul and mind. However, even with all of these great authors and poets, I still believe that none of them can touch on what should I do, that my poetry is still for me. As a matter of fact, when I read their poetry one of the last things I do is copy down several lines from each poem and read them word for word. That is because, although each poem is great, they all touch on the same subject: what should I do, that my soul has been crushed, it is torn apart/but there is still that which I have always loved.


Some of my favorite Valentine’s Day poems are also considered by some to be the best way to say “I love you”. One such quote is by Charles Dickens, who is probably most well known for his novels, but also for his great valentines poems. In his quotes for Valentine’s Day, he says, “With this your heart will set me free.” And later on in the quote he continues by saying, “If it were true that all men were gods, I would not tell the story of the poor wretch who was the wisest man alive.” I love both quotes and for many, they represent a great insight into human nature; that love is something that can be achieved without needing any effort or sacrifice from the one who is in love.


There are a number of different ways to write love poems for the Valentine’s Day; however, there are a few things that I think are best. As with any good poem, whether it is for any occasion or for Valentine’s Day, the main thing is to just let the words flow out of your heart and have fun doing it. There are many different formats for love poems, but perhaps the most popular includes short little love poems for the young, love poems for beginners, st valentines poems verses quotes, and of course, st valentines poem. If you put some thought into your poem, you can come up with a great one for Valentine’s Day.

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