Meeting at Night by Robert Browning +100
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Meeting at Night

by Robert Browning

Meeting at Night

by Robert Browning

Meeting at Night
Meeting at Night

Meeting at Night by Robert Browning

Meeting at Night by Robert Browning is the third book of his poetry collection. It chronicles a poet’s trials and triumphs through his failed relationships. There is something very poetic about seeing love depicted so realistically in words. This book reminded me of Hemingway when I read it as a kid, and I am such a fan of both of them.


Night by Robert Browning tells the tale of Leona Wales, a young woman who is thrown out of her church for cheating on her clergyman employer. Desperate to regain her reputation, she attempts to win back the love of her life by using her poems. At first, her plan seems successful, but then she faces a series of setbacks. The reader sees her gradually becoming disheartened.


I found that the storyline was predictable but what really pulled me into this novel were the poems. They captured so much emotion that I felt they added an entirely new dimension to the story. It made meeting at night so much more appealing because it seemed more real to me. It also increased my desire to read more of his work. After finishing this book, I’m eager to read more by him. I highly recommend that others add this charming book to their reading list.


Browning is known for his use of rhyme and meter. That’s one of the charms of his poetry. You can tell a great deal from the choice of meter and rhyme, and you’ll quickly get drawn into his poetic world. Even if you’ve never been interested in poetry before, this book will hook you from page to page.


The poems that follow are some of my favorites in the collection. One begins with “There’s a tear in your own eye,” a beautifully descriptive line that conveys just how hopeless it is for her to see things as they seem now. Then after she has been abandoned by her lover, she is visited by a mysterious stranger who offers her a vision of a better life. This man shows her a future without her ex-lover; it is an inspiring ending for such a depressing poem.


Just before meeting up with her ex, she has an epiphany about her need for change. The next few poems reflect this theme as Browning captures the loneliness that so often accompanies the dissolution of a relationship. He reminds us that we all need to change, that things aren’t always the way we want them to be. That there are people out there who are willing to be lonely for a change. This beautiful elegy captures Browning’s brilliance as he laments the passing of time and love.


Browning’s description of New Orleans’ riverboat cruise is so moving that it makes you wish you could be there with the poet. This final stanza describes the devastation of levees and floods during Hurricane Katrina. Browning describes the way people have lost their homes and their sense of community during this tragic time in American history. It is comforting to know that even in the darkest times, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The flood’s author makes sure we know that we can still find beauty in each moment even when things look hopeless.


The Night Meeting by Robert Browning is a beautiful book filled with hope and beauty. This lovely collection will make you want to read more of his amazing poetry. This is a must have book for all lovers of great poetry. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to think differently and has a desire to inspire others. Whether you are a fan of Native American culture or just love beautiful literature, this book will take you into a different world and will inspire you to look within.


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