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Soula WhatsApp APK v6.40 Latest 2021

Soula WhatsApp APK v6.40 Official Latest 2021

WhatsApp APK v6.40 Official Latest 2021,WhatsApp APK innovation of mobile devices and social media services has made life easier and more convenient. Many of us are grateful to have WhatsApp for our communication needs. Sola WhatsApp is one of the most popular WhatsApp APK mods today, which ILOVESHAYRI will explain on this page.

The app will enable you to control specific aspects of messaging, operation and privacy of the app without violating the terms of use of WhatsApp. Now, let’s get ready to download all Sola WhatsApp details and guide.

WhatsApp APK
WhatsApp APK


A modified version of the official WhatsApp is Sola WhatsApp which contains additional features and styles. The application was created by the Syrian developer Sumer Dames.

Main/Chat Screen Mods 

At the top of the Sola page, you will find “WhatsApp”. The text text will enable you to change your WhatsApp name, number or status using Sola WhatsApp mode. You can hide and archive the chat button from the main WhatsApp page. This will allow you to remove the gray line on the main screen, which separates the chats.

Media Sharing Mods

The notification will not stop playing the sound. You have the ability to send up to 700MB of video files on Soula WhatsApp. Sharing the image’s original resolution will not lose image quality. Sola WhatsApp now has a 30-minute video limit.

Privacy Mods

Freezing allows you to hide your online status with the last viewed job. You can prevent others from recalling their messages through revocation mode. Turning on this option will prevent the person from canceling the message sent to you or the group. By enabling Hide View Status Mode, you can view a person’s WhatsApp status without them knowing. Sola WhatsApp can hide blue tick and other tick. Allows you to write or record voice notes in contacts, broadcasts and group chats with hidden writing/recording status mode.

Change Icons

Switch the launcher icon of your choice among twelve different skins. All patterns are very nice. The play icon will change to Soula WhatsApp app icon.

General Setting Mods

There is an option to change the theme color from white to dark by setting option All. You also have the option to enable or disable the message counter present in the Sola WhatsApp icon. This option allows you to see the number of unread messages. The app has the multi chat function to chat about making the card and you can move from one conversation to another.

More of the features:

More stability, security and speed of execution
Ability to send chat not only to your contacts but also to any WhatsApp number
Expand the space to write your status
New pack of smileys and emojis
Compatible to send up to 100 files in different formats
More options to retrieve information and create backups
Unlocked original hidden options
Share groups of up to 100 photos
More privacy options for managing contacts, groups, and chats to share status
Hide keyboard with “Unlock keyboard” option.
Mark and copy a short text from a long message using the Selectable Text Option.
Hide name and date when copying someone else’s message
It allows viewing an entire message without the “Read More” option.

Soula WhatsApp APK Information:

App Name Soula WhatsApp
Version v6.40
Requirement Android 4 and higher
Size 43.1 MB
Last Updates Aug 14, 2021

To download the app, click on the button below and it will take you to the page where you can download Sola WhatsApp APK. Follow the steps written on the page where you will be redirected.


Have you finished downloading Sola WhatsApp? Don’t waste your time! Here is how to install Soula WhatsApp APK on your device:

Go to “Settings”, then “Security”
Make sure you activate unknown sources
Find the APK file on your smartphone
Run the APK file and follow the guide
We recommend disabling unfamiliar sources, but this is optional

How to update the version

Download the latest version of Sola WhatsApp. Get the APK link from the button above. Then install the APK as usual. Do not uninstall the application you are downloading to update it.

Before updating Sola WhatsApp status, it is recommended to make a backup of your files. By doing this, you will never lose your essential messages and files and be safer.

Let’s Wrap it up!

Sola is now one of the most popular status app on WhatsApp. WhatsApp status is one of the most popular Sola WhatsApp APK apps. The app will allow you to modify certain aspects of messaging, app operation, and privacy without violating the terms of use of WhatsApp.

You will notice that Sola offers the same options as the other modes if you download the APK file. These are new options for customizing the interface and the graphic section, more excellent privacy options from the user and options to limit the sending of files that we sometimes find.

What more could you ask for? Try Sola WhatsApp now and tell us about your experience with the app.

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