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TapScanner Apk

TapScanner Apk is an Interesting App, it is totally different from a Cam’s canner. Cam’s canner is released in China and presented by a company in 2011. Tap Scanner is similar to Cam’s canner. The structure of it remains the same but some new handy features have been included by its developers to make it appealing and very useful in scanning documents on Android. With this amazing app, you don’t need to install another app to scan the documents on your phone or tablet.

if you wanted to convert your photos into PDFs, then just take a picture of the documents on your mobile from your Android and the process is so simple and straightforward from document to PDF files. Basically Tap Scanner is a business tool, which features at the top of Google Play Store’s rankings list. When you are in a hurry, scanning documents and do not have access to a physical scanner. Just click on Tap Scanner APK and your documents will be changed into an instant PDF.

If you wanted to convert your image files into PDF, then take a picture of documents on your android using Tap Scanner and the process will be so simple and easy from document images to PDF files. Essentially, Tap Scanner is a simple business tool that helps you save time in the latest version. If you are tired and want to scan documents quickly or when you do not have physical scanner at hand, then just click on   Tap Scanner Apk and convert your files into PDF quickly.

TapCamera is a normal camera app. But when you convert the documents into PDF, it’s outstanding! One more important thing to mention that regarding websites and calendar you can save it in a form of PDF files but remember this data will remain only less than five minutes or so.

Tapcamera is a normal camera, but the way it converts pictures into PDFs is outstanding. Another important thing to know about this application that downloaded data in the form of PDFs converted from internet remain only for few minutes after they have been saved.

When you go to install TapScanner’s app on Play Store, you’ll notice that there are millions of positive reviews from people who claim it is the best business app for taking photos shared within messages. But what does the creator claim about TapScanner? You’d probably be surprised to find out that TapScanner is actually a photography app which converts simple documents into PDF files. It lets users take high-quality pictures of documents and files within a short span of time.

When you go to install this app, you can see millions of stats showing the good ratings it has gathered. Tapscanner is known as a business application with more than 40 million downloads on play store. This application assists users in printing photos and documents, like PDF files.

tapscanner Apk
tapscanner Apk

As this application is the most highly rated in the play store with plenty of positive user reviews. In order to gather further information regarding this app, it’s important to look at its features. For example:

As one of the user’s most highly ranked and required apps in the Google Play Store with plenty of positive downloads and feedback, we have to keep in mind its features so that our customers know what their money is funding when they decide to get their hands on it. These features include:


Tap Scanner App is an application available on the App store nowadays, and many are using it to scan all kinds of files into PDF both Qr code and business card as well which later on can be converted elsewhere at will.

Using Tapscanner for Android, one can convert all their contact cards and receipts into an easily read PDF. This can be done by scanning the card or receipt into the application for converting. Also, one can convert important business cards in PDF so that you don’t lose the number of your colleagues at work or the contact information etc.



Tapscanner also known as CamScanner, is an application that converts all the documents into one single PDF. It allows you to manage all your documents or files in a very organized way. The app has many features that ensure you will manage your files with ease. CamScanner frequently impresses its users by managing all their files like previously mentioned.

Tapscanner is one of the leading CamScanner apps and is generally used as a PDF Creator app to convert all sorts of documents into pdf. It has an amazingly great interface which also allows users to add tags, annotations, bookmarking and much more. Users seem to be rather impressed by the features provided by Tapscanner due to which it is rated as one of the top performers when it comes to CamScanner apps for Android platforms.


Tapscanner is an app which can be downloaded to convert texts into image format. This application can convert texts on the internet to images. It also includes camera support for scanning documents using your smartphone camera. You need not install any 3rd party application or software for obtaining the text in image format. All the features are incorporated in one application, thus making it easy and efficient to use a single tool for tracking your daily expenses or doing work related tasks

When you have to scan several documents on a daily basis, it can become a real pain. Fortunately for you, the TapScanner is here to make your life easier by automating numerous processes. You’ll no longer need to worry about focusing or adjusting the contrast of each document every time! It will all be taken care of by TapScanner!



This amazing app can convert images into text. It also can transform your scanner’s output into live text while saving your documents automatically! This app is capable of converting over 110 languages, and it’s available on all iOS devices with GPS support.

This amazing app has the capability to convert images into text. It can scan those images and act as an output of the scanner itself. And it’s able to convert at least 110 languages at any given time. You can also download it straight.


The most attractive feature is that for instances when one is logged in, and with that he can share the docs anywhere and at any time. It is a signature which creates every individual. They create their signature according to their choice which isn’t mentioned normally at the end of papers. Anytime there is a geographical problem along with you tend to send these types of documents, it’s resolved this app you can use. You could scan the letters including the documents. The application works of preserving your signature without difficulty so one might send off your documents immediately.

The most interesting feature of SignEasy is the way you can sign documents, not just anywhere but where and when you want. Every person has a signature which they apply at the end of every document. If there is any geographical problem before sending a document, we have come up with a simple solution to this. You can scan your signatures into this program. It will store them digitally so that it will never lose those unique identities of yours which are essentially your signature.



This app offers a number of filters which can be utilized to your advantage when making your pictures look their absolute best. The filters make it possible for you to refine photos and apply a touch of advanced quality while working with multiple functions of the program. Currently, there are several options on here that allow you to connect with your friends and share pictures as well.

This app has many wonderful filters that you can use to edit your pictures in a large number of ways before sharing them. Every picture looks great after being edited!


While using Notesy, you will be able to keep all the scanned files in control. You don’t have to bother about the headache of scanning and storing them safely with high class notes option. Managing the scanned file through single click becomes very easy in Notesy with high performance Notes feature.


Tap Scanner App Download is a scanned documents management application that enables users to upload their scanned documents through sync integration with cloud storage services, like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Tapscanner Apk Online allows you to save your scanned documents onto different cloud services like Dropbox.


This app is for scanning documents into PDFs. You can easily save files to your Android phone. There is no need to worry about management since the app will upload all files in sequence. You can also offer multiple language options, like Chinese and Indian languages.

As mentioned above, this app allows users to convert a document into a PDF file which can then be safely stored in the user’s Dropbox folder. When it comes to ease of use, this app is certainly second to none as it’s easy to navigate and offers an easy file management structure. The one drawback we found is that when scanning documents in other languages besides English they tended to become blurry rather quickly and appeared fuzzy on the monitor.

This app is based on the latest android version which is 7.0 nougat. The interesting part of this app is that it can be faced by everyone and has great compatibility with both tablets and mobiles. It is an advanced version of all the previous versions cross compatible with android 5.1 lollipop and other devices are also available from Play Store. If you’re searching for app which can provide you with smooth running, multi language support then you should try Scan Me Pro by breaking through any hesitation of mind and get contented in its up gradable features which are regular updates to improve the level of service which gives to the customers anywhere around the two mobile companies like Samsung, Motorola, Sony and so on.

TapScanner Apk MOD
TapScanner Apk MOD

Additional Information

App NameTapScanner Apk
Size44 MB
Latest Versionv2.6.8
MOD InfoPremium
Get it OnGoogle Play
UpdateJanuary 29, 2022

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