The Beauty Of A poetic Work

The Beauty Of A poetic Work

poems in hindi
The Beauty Of A poetic Work

A large number of poets in India have come up with their own versions of the classic poems in Hindi. Many of these poets are prominent personalities from Indian politics, society, and culture. They are known for their use of impressive words to depict their poetry. Poets in Hindi who can do it well and are known for their innovation can create a unique type of poems in hindi that will leave you spell bound.


Many renowned poets in India have translated famous poems in Hindi and made them popular around the world. These famous poets include Ghareeb Bilaskhan, Javed Akhtar, Jigarayan Rana, Karamala Rai, Safa Subhadra, Ram Gopal Varma, Mukesh Bhattacharya, Amrita Sherwani, and Pushpapavela. These heart-touching poems in Hindi are created using amazing literary skills, style and creativity. If you have not read any of the poems in Hindi yet, you must read a few of them now to know their greatness.


If you wish to read a few heart touching poems in hindi, here is a perfect one for you. “Achutha Manus Bandh”, a famous funny poem was written by Amrita Sherwani in Hindi. This is a funny story about a girl who wants to marry a boy but gets trapped into the pimp industry. She is told about how she goes from one sari shop to another, dressed in various different clothes and looking at various men as she tries to buy them a drink. The shopkeeper thinks that she is a pimp too and asks her to leave.


However, the brave girl manages to push through and enters the home of her friend who has just bought a new girl. Here, she is given the task of cleaning the home and the boy gives her three beautiful boys in dirty briefs and pajamas. She proceeds to clean the house and when she is done, she finds that the boys have fallen asleep on the bed. The heart touching poem ends with a promise that they will be neat and clean before leaving.


Another one of the poems in Hindi is “Bhel puri is”. This beautiful poem tells about two married men who are so in love with each other that they marry each other. They soon realise that their marriage will not work out and they have to split up. The words depict how such a beautiful relationship can be ruined in front of one’s eyes. The poetry also reflects on true love.


“Nishchitar” is a romantic and beautiful poem. It was written by Tarun Tahiliani and describes a beautiful woman who is waiting for her prince to come along and take her away from this world. The words depict how a relationship should never end and how even the death of a loved one can bring a beautiful sense of satisfaction.


The last and most famous poem is the love poems in Hindi. These poems are mainly used to propose marriage to a woman. The poems are full of words like “Oye! My love!” and “I am in love with you”. These poems are mostly used by women who are willing to marry a man.


Most of the poems in Hindi are written by women as their very own and portray their emotions. There are poems which are intended for children also. These poems give us the beautiful scenes set up in the mind of a child. This shows that life is so much beautiful and precious that even a simple poem can make a child happy.


Some of the most famous poems in Hindi include “Singh sa Badam Pradesh” (The Singh’s Love), “Nishchitar” (The Lady From Udaipur), “Chhotel mein jai” (A Journey in the Desert) and “Nishchitar ahet same” (A Woman’s Secret). All these poems were written by different people of Indian origin and portray various aspects of life. There are poems that have been adapted into different genres of movies and music also. These include the movies “Singh sa bila badal as” (A Short Romance), “Mankatha” (Lawrence of Arabia), “Chhotel mein jai” (A Journey in the Desert) and “Badam will badam (Bollywood Movie”). All these wonderful poems will bring happiness to the hearts of the people and make them feel special.


Another important aspect about poems in Hindi is that the language is very expressive. The poems speak a lot without saying a single word. They are very touching and are full of emotions. In fact, a simple word can say so much in these poems. The poems can be categorized as ideal love poems, happy poems, romantic poems, love poems and even father poems.


It has been seen that even though the spoken language has developed many languages including English, Chinese, Arabic and many more, the beauty of Hindi language is still in abundance. That is why there are many people who prefer to write poems in Hindi instead of other languages. The poems in Hindi can be found online and you can read as many of these poems as you want without buying any book. You can get the beautiful poems in Hindi from the Internet. So, you should look for more books on the Internet.

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