Urdu Poetry | Urdu Shayari & SMS

Urdu Poetry | Urdu Shayari & SMS

What Is Urdu Poetry?

Urdu Poetry | Urdu Shayari & SMS What exactly is Urdu poetry? In Urdu, poetry is indeed one of the key aspects of society in the Islamic region. Poetry in Urdu is known as Mubarak or award. The term award translates loosely into “dream”; it is used to describe Urdu poetry that deals with philosophical, emotional, and religious themes. Urdu poetry also goes by the name of Urdu shayari & sakhra.



Sad poetry in Urdu poetry is also known as Mubarak said. In Urdu poetry, we have two forms of sad poetry namely award and Mubarak. In the award, we have two types of sad poetry namely sharzi and me. Sharzi is a sad love story, while mehr is about how a person feels when things go wrong in their lives. The word men is derived from the Persian word mehragand, which literally means “joy”.


There are three best Urdu poetry works written by famous poets in the past. These are by Allama Shibhli Noumani, Allamhili Mehtabadi and Mina Hezbollah AlAzhari. Allama Shibhli Noumani is considered to be the father of modern day Urdu poetry. His work is highly praised by all Urdu poets. He wrote more than forty-five books of verse, many of which are popular today. Allamhili Mehtabadi is considered to be the father of modern day Urdu literature as well.


Mina Hezbollah AlAzhari is considered to be the founder of modern day Urdu poetry. The words that she wrote were considered to be highly romantic and very touching. Many of her works of Urdu poetry are considered to be the first love poems in Pakistan. Before becoming a poet, she also managed to become a surgeon. If you want to read some of her work, then you can search for it on the internet.


Now that you know what Urdu poetry is, you should know what are the perfect gifts for men or women in love. For women, it is necessary to buy them jewellery. Any woman who wants to impress her lover should buy him jewellery. The most popular type of jewellery that is used by women to get the perfect gifts for men or women in love is the necklace, the earrings and the anklets. However, there are many other types of jewellery available in the market as well.


Another great gift which is considered to be the perfect gifts for men or women in love is a trip to Pakistan. Nowadays, there are many tourists from all over the world who visit Pakistan. Whenever they tour the country, they always carry with them their favourite Pakistani songs and Urdu poetry. This is because Urdu poetry is very different from European poetry or American poetry in the sense that it is very emotional and very expressive. Tourists can listen to these Urdu poems and songs whenever they want to spend their vacations in Pakistan.


Apart from these gifts, there are many other things which a man or a woman in love can do to show their beloved that they love them. First of all, they can buy them delicious food. This is very common in Pakistan and almost everyone knows how to cook. Secondly, they can buy them new clothes. Again, everyone in a family knows how to buy clothes for their loved ones. Thirdly, they can buy a new house for their beloved which is based on their dreams and concepts.


A major part of Urdu poetry is about love and relationships. Urdu words can express all the emotions and feelings very beautifully and elegantly. A poet cannot express his love and passion if he does not have the ability to use the right words.


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